About Us

After successfully completing numerous projects and software systems for large enterprises and observing the frequent wastefulness of high overhead and rushed, low-quality systems, Matthew Son, the principal founder, decided to build a software consulting business with a federation of highly effective and efficient developers.  Son Information Systems was incorporated in 2001 with the intent of providing high-value, enterprise grade software applications and services at non-enterprise costs.

Initially, Son Information Systems continued to work primarily with large enterprises - including the largest banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and data processing centers in the world.   The success of these relationships was leveraged to work with non-profit organizations at minimal and pro bono rates.   We now work extensively in the non-profit sector and take particular pleasure in helping non-profit organizations thrive by providing highly customized systems catered to their needs without the typical enterprise costs.

Our success and competitive advantage comes from working with only highly effective developers and communicating clearly and honestly with our partners and clients.



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