Son Information Systems, Inc. has developed diverse Application Service Provider (ASP) software solutions that can be deployed across a wide-range of industries including Health Care, Telecom, and Food Service.

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sonnet™ is an extensible framework that facilitates the rapid development of enterprise applications with configurable and parameter-driven features. The out-of-the-box features include permission driven menus, configuration managment, user management and more. sonnet™ has many extensive modules and can be used to develop fully customized web applications in very short time frames.

fhases™ (Family Health Administration System Electronic Services) is a secure web-based application that provides centralized data and report management for non-profit organizations that are required to comply with HRSA's Migrant Health Voucher Program data and reporting requirements. fhases™ supports medical, dental, mental health, case management, and health education encounters as well as electronic health records and data capture of special populations. Real-time UDS and ad-hoc reporting - with powerful analytics and export features substantially improves grant writing and resource allocation planning capacities. fhases™ was certified as a complete EHR by Infogard on 06/20/2011 with certification number #IG-2366-11-0084.

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opus™ (Order Processing Universal System) is an ASP service that allows restaurants to offer their customers web-based and/or IVR-based order processing with minimal setup costs and no disruptions to current operations. Customers can enter orders via the internet and/or automated telephony. Customers can also locate local participating restaurants through the web or a central toll-free number.

The eppointmentbook™ system is an ASP service that allows medical and dental practices to create and manage eppointments via the internet and phone. In addition, the system automatically reminds patients of appointments either through email or telephone, significantly reducing the cost of no-shows.

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