Navigate the complex and ever-changing technological landscape with us

Executive briefs on systems and technology

Are you considering updating your HR system or processes?  Are you reaching the limits of your accounting system?  Is your point of sale system appropriate for your future?

We capture your core values, your current needs, and your future considerations and develop a requirements matrix to help you make these decisions.  We can be a neutral party in helping to think through the best choice for your company.


Augment your team with technical advisors

Do you need to review your technology strategy?  Have you been hit with a new issue and don't have a knowledgeable internal resource. 

We can help with company wide or departmental SWOT analyses, strategic plans, and multi-year strategic planning as well as setting attainable goals and progressive measures.  You tell us what you would like to focus on and we will provide research and suggestions for your company.  We can also help with SOPs, standardizations, and process refinement.


Understand industry trends

What is a good password policy?  Are wifi networks safe for your business?  Should you adopt kiosks?  What is an acceptable use policy for personal mobile devices?  How do GDPR, CCPA, and ADA affect your website or your mobile application?  What are the leaders in your industry implementing? Have those moves been profitable?

The answers to these questions are often difficult to discern and may be different depending on your circumstance.  We can help you get a fuller picture of the industry landscape and offer guidance on best practices that will benefit your company.  We focus on your business through the eyes of technology, not for the sake of technology.