Franchisees and Prospects
Stores and Managers
Vendors and Corporate Contacts



Assessments and Audits
Compliance and Violations
Franchise Agreements, Insurance, and Royalties



Comments and Surveys
Resolution Workflows
Integrated Sales Data


Centralized Information

Do your store managers, franchisees, and corporate departments want a single place to see consistent information?  Does critical information get stored on excel spreadsheets or access databases?  Do your teams need visibility into when insurance or franchise agreements are expiring? 

BRANDCOMMAND helps by simplifying and centralizing the management of your data. 


Improved Operations

Do you need to know which locations have a certain store facade? or point of sale version? or are up-to-date in their certified managers? Do you need to know when store audits are due?  Do your store managers and franchisees want to easily request marketing, operations, or information technology protocols or support? 

BRANDCOMMAND was built with operational focus and readily resolves these issues. 


Consumer Insights

Do you know which stores are the friendliest? the best performing? the most profitable?  Do you know what issues your stores need to focus on?  Do you know what your customers care about this month?  Do you convert complaints into loyal fans by quickly and methodically addressing issues? 

BRANDCOMMAND helps you connect with your customers and gain insights from their feedback and comments.



Information Management

  • Real Estate
  • Site Scores
  • Stores
  • Franchisees and Owners
  • Landlords
  • Configurable Royalties
  • Insurance Policies
  • Franchise Agreements


  • Store Dashboard
  • Sales Data
  • Store Analytics
  • Store Assessments
  • Team Communication
  • Store Performance
  • Store Directory
  • Personnel Directory

Consumer Insights

  • Simple Customer Feedback
  • Custom Customer Feedback
  • Sales vs Feedback Reporting
  • Simple Customer Comments
  • Improved Customer Relations
  • Sales vs Comments Reporting
  • Comparative Reporting
  • Increased Responses

You Provide

  • Your Existing Data
  • Your Workflows and Processes
  • Your Goals and Measures
  • Your Guidance and Direction

We Provide

  • Branded Experience for your Customers and Workforce
  • Continuous Training and Support
  • Infrastructure, Security, and Compliance
  • You maintain full ownership and rights to your data.


We are dedicated to ensuring security and compliance for our customers.  We maintain hardened applications, servers, networks, and infrastructure required to operate secure, web-based applications. 

BRANDCOMMAND provides session logging, event logging, and audit trails.  We host our servers on a private rack at a tier 4 data facility that provides continuous on-site security and engineer personnel, predictive monitoring, key-card and biometric hand scanner access, redundant electric utility power feeds, a private network, and complies with SOX, PCI DSS, and HIPAA security requirements.