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BSPOKE simplifies and centralizes the management of your multi-unit brand. We’ll customize your instance of BSPOKE to work specifically for your corporate team, your franchisees, your store managers, and your customers.

Perspicacious Operations

Connect with your customers. Gain insights from their feedback and comments. Improve store performance through comment workflows and operational assessments.

Knowledge Engine

Provide accurate and centralized data to your entire ecosystem. A single place to lookup a store owner, store location, corporate personnel contact information, and more.



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  • Branded Experience for your Customers and Workforce
  • Training, Support, and Maintenance
  • You maintain full ownership and rights to your data.


  • We can convert your existing data.
  • We can integrate with your external systems.
  • You maintain full ownership and rights to your data.


We are dedicated to ensuring security and compliance for our customers. All data is protected in compliance with current regulations. We maintain hardened applications, servers, networks, and infrastructure required to operate secure, web-based applications.

BSPOKE provides session logging, event logging, and audit trails. We host our servers on a private rack at a tier 4 data facility that provides continuous on-site security and engineer personnel, predictive monitoring, key-card and biometric hand scanner access, redundant electric utility power feeds, a private network, and complies with SOX, PCI DSS, and HIPAA security requirements.


Charleys Philly Steaks


Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio
Founded in 1986
620+ Units


Charleys had information all over the place. The Real Estate and Business Development Departments used Excel spreadsheets as their system of record. The Legal Department used Franconnect for managing franchisees. The Operations team used SMG for consumer surveys and operational assessments. A myriad of users often stored key information on their individual workstation. The data was fragmented and rules and definitions often inconsistent between departments.

  • Departmental Silos
  • Disjointed Data
  • Expensive Third Party Systems


Son-IS was tapped to provide Charleys with Strategic Plan for Technology. Below are some of the highlights of our engagement:

  • Doubled the number of Consumer Surveys while Halving the Costs (420,000+ surveys in 2019)
  • Standardized Data across the Enterprise
  • Unified Processes across Departments
  • Implemented a Modern POS with Security and Compliance
  • Profitably implemented Integrated Third Party Delivery and Online Ordering
  • Created Standardized Workflows
  • Designed and Implemented Standardized Store Infrastructure
Bibibop Asian Grill

Bibibop Asian Grill

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio
Founded in 2013
43 Units


BIBIBOP is an exciting young brand with over 40 units. BIBIBOP has been a FAST 50 HOT CONCEPT and has been featured in numerous publications.

As a new and quickly growing brand, BIBIBOP faced many challenges.

  • Departmental Communications
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Need to Quickly Adapt


Son-IS was tapped to help BIBIBOP. Below are some of the highlights of our engagement:

  • Doubled the number of surveys per store
  • Effective Comment Workflows
  • Unified Processes across Departments
  • Standardized POS Menu
  • Created Standardized Workflows
  • Designed and Implemented Standardized Store Infrastructure